Actionable insights into cost, security and compliance misconfigurations across your AWS, Azure, and GCP services.

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Although many enterprise organizations have embraced cloud services to support strategic business applications, effectively managing distributed services across one or more clouds is very complex, resulting in hundreds of misconfigurations.


Cloud infrastructure resources are often provisioned without considering cost optimization of the service deployment, managing the ongoing costs for infrastructure resources, or disabling resources when they are no longer needed. This can quickly lead to a significant amount of wasted monthly cloud spend.


Without proper visibility and control of infrastructure provisioning, organizations later discover unexpected security risks and vulnerabilities that could result in cyberattacks on business-critical cloud applications.


Cloud infrastructure provisioning is too often an “ad hoc” process that fails to address the specific compliance requirements associated with business applications and services. This can lead to costly fines and damage to brand reputation.

All these issues can have a negative impact on the business performance of cloud-powered organizations. To solve this problem, cloud engineering teams must start with the ability to discover all infrastructure resources currently deployed to support IT projects.

How Discover Works

Automated infrastructure scans provide you the insight to develop and deploy changes - without writing code.

Cloud Integrations

Connect your cloud providers

The StackGuardian platform provides a single pane of glass that enables comprehensive real-time and historical visibility into all infrastructure resources currently in use across all cloud services.

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Environment Scans

StackGuardian performs 1800+ automated checks

During this first step, the SGInsight function of the platform quickly performs 1800+ checks on currently active cloud resources to identify potential problems related to application infrastructure compliance, misconfigurations, and utilization.

Reports & Anayltics

In-depth visibility for cost, security and compliance

SGInsight helps identify areas where cloud costs can be reduced and optimized, and provides cloud engineering teams with the visibility necessary to ensure infrastructure resources are properly secured and meet compliance requirements.

Microsoft Azure
Medium: Unused disks should be removed to reduce cost.
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High: ‘AWS Bucket’ has public access enabled.
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StackGuardian in action