Our Story

Where it all started.

During his career at SAP, Santander and AWS, Akshat Tandon, Co-Founder of StackGuardian, got constantly confronted with the challenges the cloud comes with. Building and operating compliant cloud infrastructure seemed way more difficult than initially being presented. A sprawl of tools was a necessity to at least have a shot at it but at the same time did that kill all the agility the cloud got created for. Extreme passion to fix that problem triggered Akshat, his founding engineering team and Karl Driesen, Co-Founder, to start building StackGuardian's revolutionary Cloud Orchestration Platform and make it available to the entire cloud community.

The mission we're on.

We sincerely believe that by bringing the right people, the right process and the right technology together we can make compliant cloud a commodity and as a result restore the agility the cloud got been created for. Without tradeoffs! Making the cloud community see that, believe that and ultimately benefit from that is the mission our team and our partners are on every minute of the day.

Our Investors

Proudly being backed by Volta Ventures and InvestLink.